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Galicia Folk Band


Galicja Folk Band

Music which radiates sun, warm relations along with mutual understanding unite youthful musicians from Lviv, who established musical ensemble named “Galicia”. Young people deeply impress with their creativity not only in Ukraine, but they also managed to bring Ukrainian song to the audience abroad. Due to contemporary arrangements, combining folk songs with interesting rhythms as well as deviation from classical harmony, “Galicia” attracts listeners of different age groups: from the youngest to older ones.

Volodymyr Ivanets
Volodymyr - the head of the group. He was born in Sokal region, which is near Lviv. When he was 3 years old, his parents saw the great talent of Volodymyr and his desire to dance, so they sent him in a dance school. Then he entered a music school, where he studied to play accordion. Volodymyr showed his organization abilities in his young years, when he organized a music group, gathering young boys of the same age. This band was very popular among their relatives and friends.1991-1995 he was studying in Lviv music college, where he came back to work as a teacher ater graduation of Lviv National Music Academy named after Mykola Lysenko. The great atmosphere of strict teachers in Lviv college influenced on Volodymyr. He became a great musician. He has good experience in working of such musical ensembles as “Junist”, “Pysanka”, “Veseli Cherevychky”. Cooperation with students of Lviv Music School, where he works as a teacher of accordion after graduation of Lviv Music Academy, inspires him to create new musical projects. Trio “Resonance” represents one of Volodymyr's creations. He received a lot of international and Ukrainian rewards with his favorite musical instrument - accordion. Having visited Germany, Poland, France, Holland, USA with his concerts, Volodymyr united professional musicians of Lviv with the purpose of implementing the project named “Galicia” in 2011.

Oksana Zubenko
Oksana represents the grace of the group. Her velvet voice and virtuosic violin play amaze listeners. One interesting fact is that being a neighbor of Volodymyr and intersecting with him a lot of times during different concerts and festivals and winning a lot of competitions of youth songs, Oksana couldn’t even imagine that in some time she would be on the one stage with Volodymyr. She graduated from Lviv Music School. While wandering along the corridors of her “alma mater” and searching for self-realization, Oksana accepted Volodymyr's offer to try herself in “Galicia”. Years of cooperation developed and enriched the potential of the band.

Nazar Kutsevych
Nazar graduated from Lviv National Music Academy, class – bandura. In his childhood, he already liked to stand on a stool and sang in front of his relatives. While studying in the Ternopil music college he made a lot of improvisations in spite of classical works. He won a lot of music competitions, even international ones. Nazar’s interesting baritone gives a special lyrically-romantic coloring to the singing of the band ‘Galicia’.

A great mite to the development of ‘Galicia’ was added by Sergii Kutepov, the previous soloist of the band, with whom the Galicia was born. The time is flying… Now Sergii works on his own career as an opera singer.

“Galicia Folk Band” has a different repertoire from classical to modern cover-versions. The sons are being sung in Ukrainian, Polish, English, Italian. The main source of inspiration is the Ukrainian song, which in their execution is a little bit modernized. The repertoire of the band was enriched with the authorial songs, e.g. of Marian Orlikowski, with whom they cooperate. The band has already 4 CDs in their creation. The band also sing religious songs. ‘Galicia’ had a lot of concerts in the Polish Catholic churches. They also had concerts in Germany, France and Switzerland. The visiting card of the band is the video ‘Tram after tram’, where in 3 minutes the history and atmosphere of Lviv is shown. To their main winnings, the band may add the international festival in Brusy (Poland), international festival of accordions in Sulenczyno (Poland), the festival of hunting culture Knieja in 2015 Sierakowice (Poland), the concert on the holiday of roses in Kutno and also the concert in Lviv Opera. There were a lot of concerts on radio and TV in Ukraine and abroad. In Ukraine ‘Galicia’ became popular thanks to the successful concert in Lviv Philharmonic with a string quartet and percussion in 2015. It was made under the patronage of the Republic of Poland. The popularity of the band is being increased. Each time something new is being added, e.g. a bass guitar and percussion. A great success waited for the band in Sokal, where they represented a lot of carols. ‘The main tasks of our creativity are to be close to a listener, to touch with the music the strings of their soul, to fill it with kindness and warmness. We thank God for that large gift – ability to create music with which we can cheer up your life’ - Galicia Folk Band.